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The Inner Castle


  • Center of the map and the player's main objective

  • The Executioner would be roaming the inner castle

  • The jail is a way for the player to access the inner castle without having to fight or climb their way in

  • The ladder leads directly to the tomb

The player can either pass through the door or climb the cells to reach the broken window to access the jail's office

In this section I wanted to :

  • Add verticality to the room, giving the player a way to avoid enemies or analyze and plan their next move

  • Place props that the player can use to sneak around and hide behind

  • Give the player the option to climb back up if they changed their mind

  • Create freedom in the player's navigation, offering them multiple paths like :

    • Opened window leading to a structure on the side

    • The main door

    • The ladder leading to a higher area outside​

  • Build an elevated area for the enemies making it easier to spot the player if they are moving around too carelessly

  • Give the player the chance to sneak around and create paths to other elevated spots like the balcony or the castle's walls

  • Give the player another opportunity to reach the other side of the castle, this time by climbing on the jail's wall

  • Create a structure in the center where the executioner could be and where a lot of NPC could gather

  • Give the player a way to take out their target from below

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